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    Characters of Mould designed and made by the company

    1. Biggest die-casting machine
    Name of products: four cylinders hull
    Die-casting machine tonnage:2500T; one mould one cavity;
    Using life promise:70,000.00
    User: Honda Production Technique(China) Company Ltd.

    2.Biggest Projection Acreage Mould:
    Name of products: IC card hull
    Projection Acreage: 415?60=107900mm?br> User: Sweden Lanjier(Tianjin) Communication Equipment Company Ltd;

    3.Highest Moulding Mould:
    Name of products: Transmission shell, Booster shedders height:488mm;

    4.Biggest weight mould:
    Name of products: four cylinders body;
    User: Honda Manufacture Technique (China) Company Ltd.

    5. Mould with most cavities
    Name of products: bracket;
    Tonnage:350T, one mould twelve cavities;
    User: Shenyang Weiyong Exactitude Machines Company Ltd.

    6.Most exact dimension tolerance for cast
    Name of products: crankcase;
    Tonnage:350T;one mould two cavities
    User: Beijing Guangling Elite Technique Company Ltd.(Export to Germany);
    Dimension & tolerance: 16.07+ 0.015(two parts);32.14+0.02(two parts)
    22.23 (0 ,-0.02)(two parts)
    A (+0.05,0) (ten parts)

    7.Multi-cores mould
    Products: Cylinder of gasoline engine, six side shedders for hydraulic pressure cylinder,630T User: Chongqing-Jialing Honda Engine Company Ltd.